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With an abundance of parks and outdoor dining opportunities, there is always a way to enjoy the fresh air in Goldsboro, NC. The hot summers and mild winters make Goldsboro the ideal location for outdoor enthusiasts. However, the same warm climate that makes your favorite outdoor activities enjoyable can wreak havoc on your home’s roof.

Roofing the Goldsboro Area

Complete Roofing Provides Residential Roofing to Coastal North Carolina.

We are headquartered in Pascagoula, MS with local offices throughout the Southeast.

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oocal, lWeather-related Roof Damage is Common in Goldsboro, NC

In Goldsboro, NC, summers are hot and humid. While the warm weather can make many outdoor activities more enjoyable, it can also lead to roof damage. Prolonged exposure to heat and sun can cause shingles to become brittle and cracked. Damaged shingles allow moisture to penetrate your roof’s defenses and even sink into the substructure.

Weather-related roof damage is not confined to the summer months. Winds during any season can lift and shift shingles – creating weaknesses in your roof. When temperatures change, shingles expand and contract and can shift into new positions that leave gaps. Weather damage may not be visible from the ground and could go undetected until leaks form.

Roof Leaks are Frequent in Goldsboro

A leaking roof can ruin belongings, and even cause structural damage to your home. To avoid leaks, ensure that your roof is in good condition by having a local, licensed, and insured roofing company inspect it regularly.

Complete Roofing offers roof inspections at no-cost to help you identify problem areas before they turn into costly leaks. If your inspection uncovers problems, we can repair the damage or replace your roof.

It is simple to pay for roof repairs and replacements with Complete Roofing. Our friendly team can handle insurance claims from start to finish. For expenses not covered by insurance, we offer a low-cost financing program.

Storms and Hurricanes Damage Roofs in Goldsboro, NC

Roof damage can occur quickly – especially in areas where severe weather is common. Heavy rain, high winds, and flying debris can expose existing vulnerabilities in your roof in addition to immediate damage.

When storms damage your roof, act quickly. Delaying repairs increases risk to your home, family, and belongings. After a storm, you need a trustworthy roofing company on your side. The expert roofers at Complete Roofing can evaluate storm damage and offer the right solutions for repair or replacement.

Roofs that are already weakened by age or prior damage are more susceptible to storm damage. That’s why it’s important to ensure your roof is in good condition before storms hit. You can prepare for storm season with a no-cost roof inspection from Complete Roofing.

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Older Roofs are Risky – Especially in Goldsboro, NC

An aging roof can be an eyesore, but there are other, less visible hazards. Older roofs tend to have sustained damage including missing or damaged shingles. These weaknesses can make your roof more susceptible to water damage and leaks. Additionally, older roofs are often poorly ventilated which promotes mold growth, roof decay, and higher utility bills.

The typical lifespan of an asphalt shingle roof is between 20 and 25 years. But weather and storm damage can shorten a roof’s useful life. In Goldsboro, you should have your roof inspected annually, especially if it is more than 15 years old.

Roof Replacement in Goldsboro, NC

When the time comes to replace your roof, turn to the specialists at Complete Roofing. We offer expert craftsmanship and a wide variety of quality materials for both homes and businesses. With our selection, clean work, and friendly service you can ensure that your roof is safe and attractive for years to come.