Why You Shouldn’t DIY Roof Repairs

by | Nov 6, 2023 | Residential Roofing

Do It Yourself [DIY] home projects can be a great way to save money and gain valuable skills. However, there are certain home projects that are best left to the professionals – like roof repairs.

Repairing your roof may seem like a simple fix, but the process is more complicated and dangerous than many homeowners realize. Before you pull your ladder out of the shed, consider these five reasons you shouldn’t risk your – and your family’s – safety with DIY roof repairs.

Roofing is Dangerous

Roofing is extremely dangerous because it requires you to climb on a ladder and complete lengthy repairs from a perilous height. Simple factors like placing your ladder on an uneven surface, an unexpected gust of wind, a slick shingle, or a moment of poor balance could lead to a disastrous fall.

In fact, 500,000 Americans require medical treatment for ladder-related injuries each year. Additionally, over 20% of fatal falls occur when people fall from ladders and another 18% occur when people fall from roofs.

With the risk of injury and death, it is clear that roofing projects are best left to experienced roofers. These professionals are trained to take precautions that ensure their safety and yours.

DIY Repairs Can Void Your Warranties

Roofs can come with two different warranties – a manufacturer warranty and sometimes an additional guarantee from the installer. These warranties cover different items and can be voided by improper installation.

The manufacturer warranty – sometimes called product warranty – is from the maker of the shingles and covers defects in the roofing material. In many cases, this warranty is limited, meaning coverage only applies if the shingles were installed to the manufacturer’s specifications. These requirements can be extremely specific, even noting how many nails per shingle can be used. Professional roofers are trained to install roofs to meet these criteria and keep the product warranty in place. However, even a small mistake in a DIY installation could void the manufacturer warranty.

Some roofers also offer a workmanship or installation warranty which covers errors made by the roofing contractor. DIY repairs can also void your workmanship warranty since you have tampered with the original installation.

With these warranties in place, issues with your roof could be covered. On the other hand, you could be responsible for all costs associated with roof repairs if the warranties are voided – even if the issues arise from defects in manufacturing or installation.

Roof Repair is Not as Easy as it Looks

‘Slapping a few shingles’ over a leak may seem like a simple fix, but roof repair involves much more than replacing shingles. Professional roofers are trained to consider all parts of the roof including the underlayment, ventilation, and support structures. Damage to these areas is obvious to trained roofers but can be difficult for DIY enthusiasts to recognize. For this reason, the repair process can take far longer for DIY enthusiasts to complete than professionals.

If you are undertaking a roofing project in your spare time, delays or unexpected weather could ruin your materials and cause further damage to your home. Even a trip to Home Depot during a rainstorm could leave your roof vulnerable. Conversely, professional roofers have the tools and experience to protect your home and materials from the elements.

You Could Miss Larger Problems

A roof leak can damage more than your shingles and ceiling. That’s because there are a lot of important parts in between – including rafters or trusses, decking, underlayment, flashing, insulation, and ceiling joists. These structures support the weight of your roof and provide proper ventilation.

An improperly repaired leak can lead to wood rot which weakens the structures in your attic and roof – putting your family in danger. Additionally, damaged ventilation systems promote mold and mildew growth. These fungi can spread throughout your home, damaging your walls, ruining your furniture, and worsening health issues like asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems. Professional roofers can repair the entire roofing system and prevent further harm to your home and family.

DIY Repair Doesn’t Save As Much Money as You Might Expect

With many DIY projects, you trade time for cost savings. However, DIY roof repairs can take a lot of time when you aren’t familiar with the process, and they don’t save as much money as you might expect.

While professional roofers often receive contractor pricing, individuals must pay retail price for materials. These higher costs can add up over the course of a project. Additionally, roofing requires specialized tools. For professionals, these tools are used so often that they are just another cost of doing business. On the other hand, individuals might only need those tools once a decade – making their cost per use much higher. Finally, the cost of re-work if you make a mistake can be much higher than if you’d hired a professional at the beginning of the process.

Between the time commitment and expenses, DIY roof repairs can cost more than you expect. This is just one more reason why DIY roof repairs don’t make sense.

You may be wondering – if you shouldn’t DIY roof repairs, what should you do? The answer is simple: contact a local, licensed, and insured roofing company. A roofer can come to your home to inspect your roof and identify the source of a leak. Then, they can repair your roof quickly and efficiently, so it blends seamlessly with your existing shingles and is safe from further damage.

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