Emergency Roofing

Rapid service after the storm.

Experiencing a Jacksonville roofing emergency is frightening and stressful. However, with the severe weather we experience, storm damage to roofs is unfortunately common. If your home or business experiences roof damage from high winds, lightning, or debris, know that Complete Roofing is ready to help.

Once we arrive, we tarp your roof to prevent further damage, then as soon as it is safe, we inspect the outer layers and support structures to determine how significant the problem is and what steps will best remedy it.


Common Causes of Significant Roof Damage

Typically, when a roof is damaged, the problems are small and easy to address. However, catastrophic roof damage needs emergency service. While the exact causes will vary, there are certain ones that are more common than others. Typical causes of roof damage in Jacksonville include:

Emergency vs. Typical Roof Repair

As a home or business owner, you understand how important your roof is to the overall structure of your property. As such, any repair can feel like an emergency—but in most cases, it’s fine to wait a few days for help. A roofing emergency is when the damage to your roof is significant enough that without help in the next few hours, your home or business will sustain greater damage that threatens the structural integrity of the property or will harm the possessions inside. If you feel uncertain whether you are experiencing an emergency or just need normal repair, contact Complete Roofing. We will talk to you over the phone to determine which is right for you.

Waiting for Emergency Roof Repair

As soon as you know your roof has sustained severe damage, secure all people and pets that are in the building. Keep in mind that if damage occurs due to a tornado, the best place to be could be your basement. In most cases, you will want to be in a part of the building where the roof isn’t damaged or leave the building entirely. Exercise your best judgment in determining where is the safest place to be. Keep your cell phone on you wherever you go, ensuring we can contact you when we arrive. Try to stay calm and check on those with you; if anyone is injured, call emergency services. If you can, get your insurance information ready so we can contact your provider for you.

If your roof is severely damaged, Complete Roofing offers Jacksonville emergency service. Call us at