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The Jubilee City is well known for its beautiful scenery and welcoming community. With historic landmarks, and parks and trails to explore, there is always something to do outdoors in Daphne. And with the warm temperatures, both residents and visitors can explore many months out of the year. While the heat and sun can make getting outside enjoyable for Daphne residents, it can also create unseen issues when it comes to your home or business’ roof.

Roofing the Daphne Area

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Diverse Weather Can Cause Roof Damage in Daphne, AL

In Daphne, the summer months are long and hot. While the heat is a draw for many residents and visitors, it can also put additional stress on the area’s roofs.

Excessive heat and sun can cause roof shingles to become brittle and crack, leaving vulnerable places for moisture to penetrate. In addition, coastal winds can lift shingles and expose your roof’s substructure to water damage.

In the winter months, a pattern of freezing, thawing, and refreezing can cause shingles to shift, leaving gaps in your roof’s defenses. These types of weather damage may not be visible from the ground, and you might not notice that your roof has sustained damage until leaks form.

Roof Leaks are Common in Daphne, AL

A leaking roof can lead to structural damage and can ruin your belongings. That’s why it’s important to maintain your roof and have it regularly inspected.

At Complete Roofing, we offer no-cost roof inspections to help you identify problem areas before they turn into costly leaks. And if your inspection reveals any issues, we can repair or replace your roof. Paying for roof repair or replacement is simple with the help of our experienced customer service team. We make it easy to file a claim with your insurance company or apply for our low-cost financing program.

Strong Storms and Hurricanes Often Damage Roofs in Daphne, AL

Like other cities near the coast, Daphne is often in the path of intense summer storms and occasionally even hurricanes. These storms bring heavy rain, wind, and debris which can cause significant damage to roofs.

Storms can exacerbate existing roofing issues, so it is important to ensure your roof is in good condition before a storm hits. A no-cost inspection from Complete Roofing can make you aware of any potential problems before storms, and storm damage, occur.

After a storm hits, it is important to repair damage promptly to protect your home and belongings from further damage. With our roof repair and replacement services, you can be sure your roof is safe after a storm.

Aging Roofs are Especially Risky in Daphne, AL

It is no secret that an aging roof can hurt the curb appeal of your home or business, but many don’t consider that can also lead to costly damage. Unrepaired damage to shingles can lead to leaks and older roofs can provide poor ventilation which can lead to mold, roof decay, and higher utility bills.

The lifespan of a roof depends on its material and how it was impacted by the elements, but as a general rule, roofs last between 20 and 25 years. However, heat, sun, and storm damage can all reduce a roof’s useful life.

If your roof is more than 15 years old, or shows signs of wear, it may be wise to have it inspected for damage and to begin planning for a replacement.

Roof Replacement in Daphne, AL

When the time comes to replace your roof, you can trust the pros at Complete Roofing. Our company offers expert craftsmanship and a wide variety of quality roofing materials for both homes and businesses. With our wide selection, and expertise, you can ensure that your roof is both safe and attractive.

Commercial Roofing in Daphne, AL

Commercial roofs, particularly flat and low slope roofs, require unique expertise. At Complete Roofing, we have that expertise. Our experienced commercial roofing team can install, repair, and replace all types of commercial roofs including flat, low slope, and TPO.

Commercial Roof Repair

A leak in your business’ roof can interrupt your operations and cost you customers. At Complete Roofing, we respect your time. So, we work to minimize disruptions to your business. In many cases, we can even repair your business’ roof without disrupting your operations.

Commercial Storm Damage Repair

If your business’ roof is damaged by a storm, you need a roofing company that can assess the damage, protect your building from further damage, and work with you to find the right solution for repair or replacement. At Complete Roofing, we offer both roof repair and replacement so you can ensure your building is safe for you and your employees.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Whether your business’ roof needs to be replaced due to age or storm damage, Complete Roofing can help. Our roofing experts can replace all types of commercial roofs in a variety of materials, including TPO.