Residential Roof Replacement in Loxley, AL

March 2024

A home in Loxley, AL after a roof replacement by Complete Roofing

Roof Type: Residential, Single Family

Roofing Materials: CertainTeed Landmark Shingles

Color: Weathered Wood

Warranties & Enhancements: 4-Star Surestart, 50 year, 130 MPH, Transferable 1 Time in 12 years CertainTeed Warranty, FORTIFIED

Job Details: Our team completed a re-roof in Loxley, Alabama using CertainTeed Landmark shingles in the color Weathered Wood. These shingles come with a 4-star Surestart 50-year 130 MPH warranty which is transferable 1 time in 12 years.

The homeowners made the wise decision to have their new roof installed to the rigorous FORTIFIED standards which provide enhanced protection from strong winds, significant insurance discounts, and a higher home re-sale value. Best of all, insurance covered the cost of the new FORTIFIED roof, and the homeowners only paid their deductible.

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