Single Family Residential Roof Replacement in Wilmer, AL

November 2023

Home in Wilmer, AL with a new roof from Complete Roofing.

Roof Type: Residential, Single Family, Open Gable

Roofing Materials: CertainTeed Shingles

Warranties & Enhancements: FORTIFIED Roof Certification, 50-year CertainTeed Warranty

Job Details: Complete Roofing was hired by a homeowner in Wilmer, Alabama to re-roof their home. We installed a beautiful new roof using long-lasting CertainTeed products, and their new roof is backed by a 50-year CertainTeed warranty.

This roof was also installed to the rigorous FORTIFIED Roof standards, which provide additional protection against wind and hail. After installation, the homeowner received their FORTIFIED certificate which allowed them to gain a significant discount on their wind and hail insurance.

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