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For most homeowners, their house is the most significant investment they’ll ever make. However, its role as an investment is nothing compared to its importance as a home to your family. Whether looking at your house as an asset or a place of security and comfort, a quality roof is essential.

Our Jacksonville, NC residential roofing service aims to design and install quality roofs, as well as keep your existing roof in top shape. No matter the type of roof you have or its design, Complete Roofing is the team to turn to.


Our Residential Roofing Services

Residential Roof Installation

When custom-building your home, you want everything to align with your vision—including your roof. Our Jacksonville residential roof installation team designs and installs top-quality roofs of any material, ensuring your new build has the protection it needs and the look you want.

Residential Roof Repair

While the idea of needing roof repair can be stressful, the process doesn’t need to be. Most Jacksonville homes need roof repairs about every 3-5 years, though this can be more or less frequent depending on everything from the weather to the materials your roof is made of. If you notice any signs of needing roof repair, call us for your free inspection.

Residential Roof Replacement

While it sounds like a dramatic step to take, roof replacement isn’t just for catastrophic damage; in truth, most homes will need their roof replaced about every two decades. Our Jacksonville roof replacement service is designed to quickly replace your existing roof, minimizing the disruption you experience without compromising the results we deliver.

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Common Causes of Residential Roof Damage

Irregular Maintenance

Many homeowners think of their roof as a set-it-and-forget-it feature of their house, only calling a roofing service when something goes wrong. In truth, you should have your roof inspected once a year, allowing your roofing team to complete any necessary maintenance at that time. This allows problems to be fixed when they are small, avoiding more costly interventions.

Storm Damage

Jacksonville is known for having some pretty crazy storms. The impact of hail, lightning, and debris can cause severe roof damage, as can high winds. If you experience severe weather, it is a good idea to have your roof inspected, even if you cannot see any damage yourself.


Your roof is the lid of your home, sealing everything inside and keeping weather and critters out. Leaks allow rainwater and snow to reach the support structures of your roof, as well as your walls and wiring. Even a small roof leak is a major problem.

Poor Installation

Not everyone willing to install a roof is qualified for the job. Many contractors offer roofing services without the training and experience needed to get the job done right. Whether due to low-quality materials or poor craftsmanship, many roof repairs address issues with bad installation.

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